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Major Leagues


Selections will be ready at 12:30am UK time

Check the results of the teams to see if they are equalising and have No Red Cards
also check the draw price to lay, this must be below 3.00 on Betfair
Take a note who is the fave to win Home Team or Away Team 

Stronger Column

The team with the greatest percentage to score a goal in
the second half from half time draw, from all the league games this season


Second Half Trade Back The Draw

If there’s been a goals scored

Look at the odds to see what team is the favourite to win from your notes,
then look at the systems (Stronger Column) to see what’s team is the favourite

If the systems favourite the same as Betfair’s favourite,
and the underdog scores the 1st Goal, Back the Draw



23 Winning Trades from 27 (total), since Des- 29th to Jan- 6th



Another possible angle producin23 Wins from 27 would be a Goal to be scored in the second Half

(Check out the last column in the results table above)

* This bet would be placed at Half Time following the same rules as above.

If you just want to Lay the score at half time that too is another possible angle, also producing 23 wins from 27.

* This bet would be placed at Half Time following the same rules as above.


W = Winning Trade


L = Losing Trade



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