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Greyhound Dutch Them Dogs Software

with Dutch Calculator built in



The Greyhound Dutch Them Dogs is an automated scanner designed for the UK and Irish Greyhound Racing.

Select to view the Top Dog, Top 2 Dogs or the Top 3 Dogs from the pull down.

The picks will be from selected races that meet the criteria.


For eg. below we have selected to look at the Top 2 Dogs



We’ve chose to use a £5 stake to dutch the 2 Dogs at 13:19 Sunderland and if either dog wins the total return is £17.14 giving a profit £12.14.



Winner 1st 7/1 – 2nd 5/1




Looking at the potential profit of £12.14, I would be happy to take away £10 profit therefore would use the £2 to do a reverse forecast.


Reverse Forecast:

Trap 4 1st – Trap 6 2nd stake £1

Trap 6 1st – Trap 4 2nd Stake £1



Winner 1st 7/1 – 2nd 5/1 return £50.79

Total profit from both dutching and the Reverse Forecast = £60.93 from a total of £7 stake.


Dutch Calculator Included can be used for dutching the Top 2 or Top 3 Dogs for either Bookies or Exchange

(allowing you to select the exchange fee)



Dutch the Top 2 Dogs Using the Bookies

Enter the odds of each dog then click the Dutch Button

Using £5 stakes and if any dog wins the total return £8.57 with a profit £3.57



Dutch the Top 3 Dogs Using the Bookies



Green = If any dog win you make a Profit (Stay in the Green)

Orange = If any dog Wins you get your Stake back

Red = if any dog wins you lose


Compatible to run on any Windows Operating PC
1 License per PC

6 Months Access

Only £24.99


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